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How can Uninstall XAMPP Effective Guides on PC

XAMPP is an open-source cross-platform web server solution that can be used for free by the people. This program usually bring some removing problems when people need to uninstall it from PC. So here are some available solutions to help you uninstall XAMPP smoothly and successfully.

Know more about XAMPP on your computer

As a web server solution stack package, the XAMPP application contains many database and contents, such as the Apache HTTP Server, interpreters for scripts written in the PHP, MariaDB database and some programming languages. In addition, some registry entries will be created and stored in the System Registry, which used to support the automatic start-up of the program on the computer.

Available solutions to uninstall XAMPP from PC

1.Use Windows own uninstaller program

Windows’ uninstall program in Control Panel is a typical way to remove applications on the PC. You can easily access to the uninstaller via the Windows menu, and then follow the instructions to perform the standard XAMPP removal completely. After then, it is usually needed to delete its additional registry entries via System Registry on the computer. Considering some people with limited computer knowledge and skills will delete the wrong registry, it is suggested to back up the file you tend to remove from the Registry.

2.Take a manual removal for the app on the PC

Removing all files of the program is to uninstalling it from the computer. In this situation, you can make use of its own uninstall process in the installation folder. If you cannot find such a specific uninstaller, you will need to delete all files of the program thoroughly from the PC by yourself, which will take some time and efforts, especially for the common PC users.

Additional tips: if you forgot the specific install location of the program, please try to right-click on the app’s shortcut on the desktop, and then open Open file location.

3.Apply a smart program uninstall tool

Advanced app removal tool is an automatic way in nowadays for the app uninstallation, it can finish the program removal thoroughly within a short time with simple steps. If you want to uninstall XAMPP in this way, you should firstly invite a professional uninstall tool on your PC, and then follow its guides to perform the removal completely.

No matter which way you choose to uninstall XAMPP, don’t forget to restart the computer after finishing the removal. For more specific steps about these three removal ways, you can refer to this post for more how-to guides.

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