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App Uninstaller is the best-performing and expert-approved Mac app uninstall you’ve ever found. has released the upgraded version App Uninstaller 2023 available for all users, who as a paid user of any pricing plan can upgrade to this new version at no cost, thanks to the generous lifetime license for all. App Uninstaller 2023 improves the app removal core and includes app removal capability for nearly 1,000 apps.

The following apps are some of the apps that can be completely uninstalled in this new upgrade.


SounceSource is an audio control software for mac that allows you to adjust input, output and sound devices and volume settings directly from the menu bar. Enable soft play from the input device to the output you want so you can hear the sound coming through any microphone or other source.

SoundSource is an easy-to-use tool for quickly switching between Mac audio input and output sources. A menu bar based utility that gives you instant access to input, output and system devices and volume settings. Helps you control the volume of each source separately via the menu bar. As an added advantage, it also provides you with a quick way to access the full Sound Preferences pane. In addition, you’ll be able to quickly switch from one input or output device to another, making it an indispensable tool for DJs and other music professionals. You may also prefer to send your Mac system sounds to auxiliary hardware to get out of your way.

Tower Pro

Tower is a very powerful Git client. if you are using git and feel that it is difficult to use commands, try using Tower. it uses a distributed repository approach without server-side software support, making it extremely easy to publish and communicate source code.


Mitti is a powerful and easy-to-use professional video playback solution for theater, audiovisual performances, shows and exhibitions on the macOS platform, with a clear, intuitive and clean user interface, an easy to learn and use workflow on top of modern 64-bit low-latency audio, and a powerful GPU-accelerated video playback engine.

You can create Mitti cues from video and still image files, as well as from a rich set of inputs, including camera, siphon and NDI sources. Cues have their own color, video effects, audio output and conversion settings. Mitti’s playback engine can easily be synchronized from external MTC (MIDI Time Code) or LTC (Linear Time Code) SMPTE time code sources, with any software or hardware time code generator for tight synchronization, display control solutions or even DAWs. between Mitti’s powerful internal clock or time code sources Switching drive playback is just a click away, but Mitti also supports Jam-Sync.

PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro is a PDF document reading editor for Mac platform, in addition to PDF document reading, you can also make notes on the document, edit, mark, etc., you can also add notes and bookmarks, if you want to demonstrate, you can also work with the remote control to demonstrate.

All users are able to upgrade to this version without any cost. The upgrading process is simple and fast, either clicking the update button to upgrade or download the latest version on the official website. You can also use the step-by-step guides on to get rid of any unwanted apps.

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