Computer & Mobile Guides News Osx Uninstaller 2024 Released and Other App Releases

Osx Uninstaller 2024 Released and Other App Releases

Osx Uninstaller 2024 Released

The US-based Osx Uninstaller is our favored app uninstaller to completely get rid of any Mac apps. The latest version Osx Uninstaller 2024 has just been announced with a fresh interface and improved removal core.

Blackmagic Camera: A new effort from the imaging giant, a professional photography app that makes the iPhone even more powerful

If you mention Blackmagic Design, many people may not have much impression, but if you talk about DaVinci Resolve, a professional video editing tool, or BMCC, a professional movie machine, they may be more well-known. In fact, DaVinci Resolve and BMCC are both products of Blackmagic Design, and the professional photography app we’re going to introduce today, Blackmagic Camera, is one of their new apps for the iPhone, and with the professional endorsement of Blackmagic Design, Blackmagic Camera is a golden opportunity. With the professional endorsement of Blackmagic Design, Blackmagic Camera is a golden key. I’m not a professional photographer or video creator, so I can’t analyze Blackmagic Camera from a professional point of view, but I can only give you a rough introduction of the features of this app.

When you open Blackmagic Camera for the first time, the app will ask you for permissions for camera, microphone, photo library and location. The first three permissions are mandatory if you want to use the app normally, and the last one can be opened depending on the situation.

After entering the app, you can see 4 tabs at the bottom of the interface, which are Camera, Media, Conversation and Settings, among which the most important one and the one opened by default is naturally the Camera interface.Blackmagic Camera Camera interface is very simple and clear, from top to bottom and from left to right, they are the shooting timer, shooting frame, histogram, start/stop buttons, microphone input monitoring, lens Focal length, frame rate, shutter speed, aperture, sensitivity, white balance, color tone, field marks, digital zoom, anti-shock mode, exposure compensation, focus distance, shooting assistance, iPhone storage space and recordable time, etc. Basically, it can satisfy the needs of professional shooting on mobile.

In the settings interface, Blackmagic Camera also provides a wealth of options to personalize the recording, camera, audio, monitor, media, LUT, accessories and other aspects of the configuration. In the recording settings, we can see that Blackmagic Camera supports up to 4K 60fps HEVC (H.265) or 4K 30fps Apple ProRes format, which corresponds to the four color spaces of Rec.709, Rec.2020, P3 D65, Apple Log – HDR.

One interesting detail of the Blackmagic Camera is that by default the iPhone shoots in landscape, whether it’s in portrait or landscape, which is more in line with the needs of professional photography. If you really need to shoot vertical video in Blackmagic Camera, you can enable “Enable Vertical Video” in the settings. Blackmagic Camera also takes full advantage of the Blackmagic Cloud, which allows you to sync your videos to the cloud and edit them directly in DaVinci Resolve. If you’re interested, you can download Blackmagic Camera from the App Store for free, no purchases included.

Jukebox: A CD of the Past for You

As the name suggests, the app we are going to introduce today has something to do with records. When I was a kid, my family owned a video store, and all kinds of cassettes and CDs accompanied me through my childhood. When it comes to the most impressive thing, I still rotate the disc under the light and feel the flow of colorful light on it.

Although few people collect physical CD-ROMs nowadays, and even computers with built-in CD-ROM drives are becoming less and less popular, it seems that the memories of a generation’s youth carried by a beautifully produced CD-ROM are going away. Nowadays, CD covers are embedded in the playback interface in the form of pictures, turning into four-square blocks, and the slow-spinning CDs of the past have turned into jumping progress bars. Jukebox wants to bring all these elements back to our cell phones.

Jukebox is a dynamic wallpaper application, except that its dynamics are adjusted according to the music we’re currently playing. When playing music, our phone’s home screen and lock screen interface can display a spinning disc, simulating the effect of playing a CD in the past. In Jukebox, we need to do some initial setup, first of all, we need to give the app permission to read the notifications and determine what song is currently playing.

Then we can set the details to our liking. In Jukebox, there are three main options: Auto, Mix and Default. We can also fine tune each of these options. When we set Auto mode, Jukebox will read the currently playing song and present the song cover on the surface of the “disc”; if we choose Mixed mode, we can set the theme of the disc we want to show when the music is playing, and when the music is paused, we can further choose whether to continue to show the state of the last playing music or switch back to the default wallpaper; Default mode will not The default mode will not judge whether the current music stops or not, it will show the rotating disc or the default wallpaper. If you’re interested in Jukebox, you can download it from the Play Store for $0.99.

Twine: A Lightweight RSS Client with Great Dynamics

In this era where every online service requires an app download, I wonder if you still remember that there used to be a way to get information called RSS, which seems to be fading away from us, and RSS clients haven’t made any big waves for a long time, and the few users who are still sticking around are mainly concentrated in some old-school services of the big players. However, I recently discovered an RSS client Twine, which is basic in functionality, but wins in compact size and colorful design.

Compared to Inoreader and other big companies, Twine client’s features can be said to be very simple, not even subscribe to the source grouping, but it still provides the top, bookmarks and search function. It does not even have subscription groups, but it still provides top, bookmark and search functions, and when you read an article, it will jump to the browser to open it, of course, you can choose the in-App browser in the settings, but these features are enough to cope with the needs of fragmented reading in your commute time.

While lacking in functionality, Twine’s specialty is great app design, which is based on the Material You framework and cleverly incorporates dynamic theming. Why “clever”? Because Twine’s dynamic theme is not based on the Android 13 color palette, but rather adjusts the UI color according to the banner image on each page, and with the background blurring effect, it makes the app look very modern. In addition to the dynamic theme, Twine also does parallax scrolling for the position of the banner image, which is not only visually better, but also more hierarchical in operation. On the whole, Twine is more like a kind of work to show the strength of designers, under the premise of realizing the use of RSS lightweight reading needs.Twine open source and free, if you want to experience its design and features, you can download it for free on Google Play, GitHub and App Store.

Photo Scout: Helps you take photos with better angles and timing

If you love photography, will you encounter such troubles: when you are ready to pick up the camera to shoot, but found that today’s weather conditions are not good, the light is not enough, thus making it difficult to take ideal landscape photos; when you are ready to fly the drone, but found that today is a windy weather, it is not suitable for aerial photography. Obviously good shooting conditions are the prerequisites for generating good Obviously, good shooting conditions are a prerequisite for producing good works.

Although we can prepare for photography by paying attention to the weather forecast, it is obvious that for photographers, the information displayed by weather apps is still relatively single, so is there any reminder app specifically for the conditions of the photography scene?

Photo Scout is a useful tool that can analyze the current environment according to the shooting conditions you set, and notify you when the right time comes.

For example, if you want to take a picture of an outdoor scene and hope that it is sunny and the temperature is suitable, you can add a scene by clicking the Add button on the top right of Photo Scout.

After creating the scene, you will be asked to select a location, if you want to shoot at the current location, you can just click on the current location. After that we can add conditions, for example, if I want the weather to be clear and the cloud cover is less than 50%, the conditions can be The skies are clear, the cloud cover is less than 50%, and the time is between 9:00 and 17:00. Once this is done, the app will use this to check the weather and when the conditions in the scene area match the above settings, a notification will be sent in advance – you’re ready to shoot.

In addition to creating your own shooting scene notifications, the app also provides a wealth of templates to help you create, click the upper right corner button and select New from Template, you can choose from the scene notification templates, the app provides a wealth of templates, including sunrise and sunset of the prime time, shooting outdoor scenes in winter, shooting panoramic and aerial scenes, and night scenes. And so on. Of course, you can edit the templates to suit your needs, for example, you can specify wind conditions and air quality for aerial photography.

If you need to take a picture of the sun or the moon, the app can also be used to locate them with the help of AR functionality – you can click on New With Sun Position in the top right corner, which opens the viewfinder, and then you can follow the yellow arrows in the viewfinder to locate the sun’s position at the moment.

In addition to choosing your own scene, you can also let the app give you suggestions for shooting. Tap Instant Inspiration in the upper right corner to see the weather conditions for the next few days at the location you’ve chosen, including wind speed, cloud cover, sunrise and sunset times, and suggestions for when to shoot the scene, and more.

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