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Best New Mac Apps 2023

In this post, we have tested and recommended these new apps as below.

FSNotes is a lightweight note-taking tool that helps users quickly record inspiration. FSNotes supports hotkey operation, using the keyboard to type the central content. Support for MarkDown and RTF file recording (can store 0 files on disk as plain/text and rich text), support for preview mode, quick keyword note search. FSNotes is a fast and lightweight way to record, supports external editors, supports vertical and horizontal layout of the notes interface, can use the clipboard to save all the key contents of the record.

Sync Folders Pro
Sync Folders is a folder synchronization tool for Mac, the most important feature is that it is easy to use, supports timely synchronization, scheduled synchronization and manual synchronization, etc. It also supports file filtering, in addition to local disk, it also supports external storage such as mobile hard disk, U disk and network storage. Sync Folders Pro has been developed with a dual purpose in mind: for ease of use, for beginners and also to provide the ability to fine-tune the synchronization settings for the most demanding professionals. Sync Folders Pro has been specifically optimized to handle very large files and data sources reliably and efficiently. Sit back, relax, and your data is automatically synchronized!

Metasequoia Modeling (Metasequoia) is a 3D model modeling software for Mac platform, which can provide professional tools for your design. The software supports popular formats and open script editing makes the designer not local constraints, so as to better design 3D models. Metasequoia is based on polygon modeling created using CAD and 3DCG, such as three-dimensional shape data for game production. Emphasis on efficiency and portability of data can be used in a wide range, from hobby to business. Metasequoia in the field of 3D modeling in the face of those dinosaur-level software no less, more concise and pure, some features in the lead, but also support popular formats (to register), and open script editing, you can add your own features (provided you can write scripts). Yes, this is the tool for making MOD, Sequoia modeling, Metasequoia. In fact, if you do MOD, you can also use 3DMAX, the children who studied this in college should understand. But MIKU master and Key seniors and Z Jun are using this, so I also use this ~ and relatively simple.

DirEqual is a file comparison tool for Mac platform that makes it very easy to compare local folders on Mac. DirEqual displays the comparison directories side-by-side as an expandable tree, with the size and date of each item. Differences between directories are indicated by colorful, easily identifiable icons.

Infuse Pro
Infuse Pro is a powerful video player for Mac. It can take all your video files in one bite, freeing you from the hassle of video conversion and allowing you to watch almost any video format on your Mac in a beautiful way.

iCalamus is an image layout software for Mac platform. Whether it is a simple image layout for a postcard or a complex magazine layout, this software can help us to do it easily, which is perfect for people in DTP typesetting profession. iCalamus offers flexible masking options with many predefined, dynamically changeable frame shapes. Users can build virtual copies of multiple document elements and then change them with just a few mouse clicks.

Super PhotoCut
Super PhotoCut is a professional and very easy to use image keying tool. It can cover exactly any area of detail you want to remove, picking out the part of the picture you want most. No tricks are needed, you just need to outline the part of the image that you want to keep and the program will handle it automatically. Super PhotoCut is good at removing complex backgrounds with minimal difficulty, and one-minute keying is not a myth. If you love taking pictures but are not proficient in Photoshop retouching, it’s time to say goodbye to the tedious professional graphic editor lasso and magic wand tools. The best technology can be so arbitrary.’s App Uninstaller 2023
App Uninstaller 2023 is the go-to app removal tool, allowing you to completely delete the unwanted apps and associated files in just a few clicks.

Rar-7Z Extractor
Rar-7Z Extractor is a fast, simple and easy to use smart uncompressor. It can easily extract RAR, 7Z and other compressed files.

CDRConverter is a simple, beautiful application for converting CorelDRAW (.cdr) files to PDF or SVG. CDRConverter allows you to convert single or multiple CorelDRAW files to .pdf on macOS. because every designer knows that CorelDRAW was discontinued after version 11. Now we have developed a simple application to convert CorelDRAW files on macOS to Vector PDF format files. CorelDRAW format files can now be opened on macOS. The CDR file format represents CorelDRAW, and this extension is a proprietary format used by CorelDRAW software. Other image editing programs do not recognize the CDR format, and to save to another image format, you need to open it in CorelDRAW and export it in another format. This can only be done on Windows. With CDRConverter, no additional operating system and no other machine or other software is required to display and save the CDR file format.

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