Computer Guides News Next Google’s Big Chrome Update Will Rewrite the Web’s Rules

Next Google’s Big Chrome Update Will Rewrite the Web’s Rules

To get a better privacy protection, Google announced to remove the third-party cookies from Chrome in January 2020, and now, it will release another update which will rewrite the web’s rules significantly.

Third-party cookies is a kind of tracking cookies that created by the third parties on the websites to gathering visitor’s preferences, interests and personal information for the advertising purpose. Google now is ditching the third-party cookies on its Chrome browser, and then plan to take another update for it which will rewrite the rules of online advertising, so that people’s privacy and activities online won’t be tracked so easily. In addition, Google is also planning to enable Chrome to control some advertising processes and replace the third-party cookies comes from its Privacy Sandbox.

Even though the Google Chrome’s move seems like a big step for the privacy protection online, some critics hold that it will make those smaller advertising firms harder when they just make money from the adverts.


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