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PC Games You Would Love to Play in the New Year

For us, the New Year holiday is always associated with ‘getting together’. This New Year holiday has been given a new meaning, with friends and family reuniting for a long time, and everyone will be eager to have a good time with their friends. Many of us chose to go away in groups, while many others chose to stay home and relax because they were still recovering or preferred to stay at home and enjoy the comfort. These games are selected and recommended by the editors on YooCare.

Goose Goose Duck

When it comes to party games, how can you go wrong with Goose Goose Duck, which has recently become a huge hit and even overwhelmed the official servers?

If you’ve played ‘Among Us’, then you’ll be able to pick up ‘Goose Goose Duck’ in no time. They both have similar gameplay and a werewolf mode at their core. You play as different bird characters, either shouting “Don’t come near me! or as a lone wolf on a mission to win.

Traditional werewolf killing is all about the mouth, with the smooth-talking werewolf easily getting the upper hand and the clumsy prophet drawing fire instead. Space Werewolf is much more tangible, so even if you’re an inexperienced werewolf player, you can still get good at playing a disguised duck through positioning and skill (and a billion points of luck).

Goose Goose Duck’s not-so-smart looking birds are even cuter and more delightful, and the “ugly” drawings you’ll see frequently as you explore the map, complete quests and trigger events will really bring a good mood. Don’t forget to try tapping your character on the screen to hear the hilarious sounds.

Wan Tong who is also quite proficient in werewolf killing: Goose Goose Duck is an online game with similar gameplay to Werewolf, but with humorous graphics and more innovative rules. The game has various modes such as Classic Mode, Pick Your Turn Mode, Goose Goose Hunt Mode and Bully Mode to name a few.

In Classic mode, for example, players are divided into two or three camps upon entering the game – Goose, Duck and a third party force – and the identity of anyone other than Duck is kept secret from each other. For the goose side, the overall objective is to find the ducks hidden in the flock and vote them out, or to complete a series of duties and fill up the progress bar to win, while the duck side, like the ‘werewolf’ side, kills all the geese in the game to win. In addition, the Duck side can also unlock skills through a number of tasks to disrupt the geese and third party forces on the field.

The third forces have different ways of winning, with more demanding but powerful skills. However, ducks and drakes should be aware that the third party forces are still classified as the bad guys, even though they are also in opposition to the geese, so be careful.

In the game, players may also get different professions. Overall, the professions in Goose and Duck Kill are similar to the God status in Wolfenstein, for example, the Sheriff in the former is similar to the Knight in Wolfenstein and can kill any player in the game. If the kill is a friendly, then the sheriff dies along with the killed; if the kill is on the duck side of the camp, the game continues.

The biggest difference between Goose and Duck Kill and Werewolf Kill is that there is no ‘Day X’ round for the latter, and geese are likely to be killed at any time by a duck lurking around. After killing a goose, the duck can either slip away silently and wait for someone else to hand out the body, or simply shout out that it has been found to enter speak and vote mode.

Once in speech voting mode it’s the same as werewolf killing, with everyone telling lies with their eyes open and sharing their true or false clues to vote a player out.

Overall, the gameplay of Goose and Duck isn’t exactly new, but it does bring a great sense of tension and excitement with the use of the internet and visual impact, making it quite addictive. Compared to Werewolf, Goose and Duck doesn’t have a lot of confusing terms like “gold”, “silver” or “police on police off police badge flow”, making it more friendly to new players.

The game is available for iOS and Android clients as well as Windows and macOS clients, and can be downloaded directly from the official website as a desktop installer, or from the App Store, Google Play, Galaxy Store and Steam. The game is completely free to play, but additional content such as skins can be purchased for a fee.

Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology

They are both developed by the same studio and play in almost the same way and at the same pace, with the only difference being the storyline. The studio’s interactive games have more distinctive features, such as a multiplayer mode that doesn’t focus on co-op or confrontation, but rather crosses the story lines of different characters, sometimes making one of them the star of a movie, and sometimes having multiple players play in multiple threads, when you’re both concerned about how your own plot is developing and curious about why your friend’s side is ‘screaming’, and the atmosphere is pulled right out of the box.

In terms of gaming style, both Until Dawn and the Black Phase Collection series are very typical of the American horror movie genre, with the main story line being about how a group of teenagers give away their heads. Although the plot has some clich├ęs, the horror atmosphere rendered by the scenery graphics and music and sound effects has not diminished at all. Maybe that’s why people (not including me) love horror movies and games.

Both support remote and local multiplayer modes, but with different participant limits. The former is exclusive to PS platforms and is part of the PS+ library, while the latter is available on platforms other than Switch, and some of the individual games in the series are part of the PS+ library.

The studio is actually involved in the development of Little Big Planet, so is this a surprising contrast?

As Dusk Falls

The Dark Pictures Anthology series, as mentioned earlier, are all more co-op or confrontational in the traditional sense, with a number of areas requiring a high level of handling skill. If you’re not very good at breaking and entering and complex manoeuvres, then try an interactive cinematic game. When the Sun Sets at Dusk is an interactive game that hasn’t been on the shelves for very long, but it’s getting some very impressive results indeed.

This type of game usually has a plot at its core, where the player has to immerse themselves in it and make choices to uncover the depths beneath the surface and determine the ultimate course of the story. This is why most interactive games can only be played in single-player mode, but Sunset Twilight not only introduces a multiplayer mode, but also introduces a number of highlights in multiplayer, such as co-operative QTEs and multiple choice questions that lead to heated discussions and even ‘forced choices’. Gamers can have a more immersive gameplay experience within a plot that is intriguing in its own right.

In addition to this, When the Sun Sets at Dusk introduces a live interactive mode and a mobile App. The former allows players to live stream gameplay and let the audience decide where the plot goes, while the latter provides another way for players without multiple handles to collaborate, as your friends can join the game and participate in the game poll via the mobile App.

This is a first party game from Microsoft, debuting in the XGP member library and on PC, PlayStation players have no access to this excellent title. The game supports local, online or hybrid multiplayer modes for up to 8 players, with cross-platform online support.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

The main character is a cute little doll made of hemp rope. Players have to take control of the sackboy to complete the action-packed levels and solve the mystery missions to save the world and become the legendary “Knitting Knight”.

This is a relatively traditional breakout game, with a single player mode that also allows you to experience most of the storyline, but some levels are deliberately set up to require multiplayer cooperation, where you can match up unknown players on the internet to work together. The game also allows you to join other players at any time to collect items more smoothly and to experience some of the small interactive details that have been specially designed into the game.

The game was released exclusively for the PS5 platform and has since been released for the PC. The game supports local and online multiplayer modes, but does not support cross-platform online. It’s worth noting that Mabou’s Adventure is one of the few games available on the PlayStation Store.