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remove ASUS Live Update, ASUS Live Update’s Useless

ASUS Live Update’s Useless, Can I Remove it & How Can I Do That?

Found ASUS Live Update’s is completely useless on computer when using like these people: Case 1: “I just bought an ASUS U56E, my first PC in a while. I’ve read that uninstalling ASUS Live Update is recommended as it’s buggy and doesn’t work. If I do that, what’s the best

How Can I Fast Remove IObit Malware Fighter from My Computer? Help!

Question description about removing IObit Malware Fighter from computer: “I am trying to uninstall  IObit  Malware fighter. I tried once to uninstall and the system crashed. When I restarted, I received the “missing rtl120.bpl” file notice and can’t uninstall the programs, nor can I even open them. I really don’t