Day: November 16, 2018

remove ASUS Live Update, ASUS Live Update’s Useless

ASUS Live Update’s Useless, Can I Remove it & How Can I Do That?

Found ASUS Live Update’s is completely useless on computer when using like these people: Case 1: “I just bought an ASUS U56E, my first PC in a while. I’ve read that uninstalling ASUS Live Update is recommended as it’s buggy and doesn’t work. If I do that, what’s the best

Microsoft now is Officially Accepting ARM64 Apps

Microsoft now is Officially Accepting ARM64 Apps in Win 10 App Store

Microsoft today announced that the Microsoft Store is now accepting app submissions built for the 64-bit ARM (ARM64) architecture. Also, with the release of Visual Studio 2017 version 15.9 this week, developers can now create ARM64 apps using officially supported SDK and tools. ARM64 support isn’t just for UWP apps,