Parallels Debuts ‘Toolbox Packs’ Individually Priced at $9.99/Year

Recently Parallels pushed out a series of individual “Toolbox Packs”, including a Parallels Toolbox Presentation Pack, Screen and Video Pack, and Disk and System Pack for Windows or Mac. In the announcement, the cross-platform software provider explains that each of those Toolbox Packs features a comprehensive suite of simple single-purpose tools to help people save time on tedious tasks on their PC or Mac.

For instance, Parallels Toolbox Presentation Pack provides features to avoid embarrassing disruptions, to prevent disruptions and inconvenient logouts, and the ability to simultaneously open multiple apps, files, folder or links with one click.

Parallels Toolbox Screen and Video Pack includes the abilities to easily record video of the screen with desired resolution and audio source, to convert video, to download videos from Internet websites, to create GIF files with video source and more.

Parallels Toolbox System and Disk Pack is said to help your computer run efficiently by multiple means like freeing up occupied disk space, reclaiming available RAM memory, and unblocking functions that slow the computer’s performance.

These three Toolbox Packs are sold individually for an annual subscription price of US$9.99 per year, and they are available exclusively at Anyone who are interested can get more details and download the free trials in this page.

In this February Parallels launched the full suit of the Toolbox Packs at an overall price of $19.99 per year, which includes every tool in each of the three packs mentioned above, plus many more tools. But some users say that they don’t need all of them so the price tag is a little higher. As a response to the feedback, Parallels debuted the individual, low-cost Toolbox Packs to meet different users’ demands.

How to install a standalone copy of Parallels Toolbox on Mac:

  • Download the .dmg installation file, and double click to open it up
  • Accept the Parallels End-User License Agreement in the installation window
  • Double click on Install Parallels Toolbox to start the installation

Parallels Toolbox will appear in the menu bar on your screen, and you can start using this app. To install Parallels Toolbox in Parallels Desktop, click the Parallels logo in the menu bar, choose Preferences, click Toolbox tab, and click Install button to start the download and installation. Then you can click Open to launch Parallels Toolbox.

How to uninstall a standalone Parallels Toolbox for Mac:

  • Click Parallels Toolbox icon in the menu bar and choose QuitParallels Toolbox
  • Open Finder, navigate to the Applications folder, and locate Parallels Toolbox
  • Right click on Parallels Toolbox icon, and then choose Move to Trash

To get more details about removing Parallels Toolbox leftovers, see this page.

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