Adobe Allegedly Plans a Full Version of Photoshop for iPad

Adobe is planning to launch the full version of its Photoshop app for Apple’s iPad, with the aims to make its products more compatible across multiple devices and to promote subscription sales, according to Bloomberg’s report. Bloomberg adds that the new app will be unveiled at Adobe’s annual MAX creative conference in October and may possibly hit the market in 2019, citing people with knowledge of the plan.

The company has shifted all of its apps to the cloud and launched a new subscription-based business model in 2012. Its Creative Cloud suite allow users to access desktop apps like Photoshop, Premiere and Illustrator on Mac and Windows computers and mobile apps such as Photoshop Mix on the iPhone and iPad. Yet, the current Creative Cloud apps for different devices are based on different architectures.

Adobe has released several Photoshop apps for iPad, but they are not the full version. The simplified Photoshop app for iOS is limited in performance, as it lack many features which are included in the desktop version, for the sake of the characteristics of mobile platform and the considerations of cost and user. Meanwhile, there are many competitive alternatives to Photoshop, such as Pixelmator, Affinity, Enlight.

Scott Belsky, Adobe’s chief product officer of Creative Cloud, confirmed that the company was working on a new cross-platform iteration of Photoshop and other applications. “My aspiration is to get these on the market as soon as possible,” Belsky said in an interview. “There’s a lot required to take a product as sophisticated and powerful as Photoshop and make that work on a modern device like the iPad. ”

Newer versions of the iPad Pro are now powerful enough to support Adobe’s apps, Belsky said. As Apple’s professional tablet model, iPad Pro receives positive reviews in performance, and it could even be more powerful than many laptops for years now. If Adobe Photoshop for iPad can replicate what it’s like on Mac, it does help to transfer iPad from “a fancy toy” to a professional tool, at least for many visual artists. Compared with the simplified Photoshop for iPad, Adobe’s Lightroom CC has been able to provide a consistent experience across desktop and mobile devices.

More and more customers asked Adobe if it could help them make their creative projects “on the fly”. The plan to develop full version of Photoshop for iPad suggests that Adobe is trying to sell its products to hobbyists who prefer working on mobile devices rather than PCs. Once the new versions come out, iPad users could run the professional apps on their tablets devices and continue edits on different devices.

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